HOT from the Kiln

PLAYFULL, unique dinner & serving ware available for immediate shipping-or stop in & pick it up!



GLAZES are rich and rustic.  Orange Shino glazes are paired with glazes of cobalt blue or copper green and decorated with one of 9 inspired motifs.

All pottery & glazes are food, oven, microwave & dishwasher safe.  Preheat with the oven (put in a cold oven!).
Lead, barium & nickel free, glazes are formulated & made right here in the studio where quality & content can be controlled!

Select a Category to Begin Shopping!

Pitchers; gravy boats; cream & sugar bowls; vases
Covered casseroles; baking dishes; mixing bowl sets
Platters; appetizer & Tapas trays; pasta, salad and fruit bowls; teapots
Mix and match dinnerware, bowls, drinking vessels, butter dish

THE POTTERY IS ALWAYS WORKED IN A SERIES; SEVERAL SIMILAR PIECES MADE AT ONE TIME.  Stoneware crafted by Front Avenue Pottery is wheel thrown & often altered to produce interesting yet functional forms.  Many pieces are hand built from rolled clay.

Front Avenue carries on the tradition of working raw clay into quality, functional, durable, fine crafted stoneware.  Housing two 40 cubic foot natural gas kilns, the studio’s dinner & serving ware is reduction fired to 2300 degrees Fahrenheit, vitrifying the clay & giving the studio’s glazes it’s warm coloring.

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